Days Between T-Shirt

Days Between T-Shirt

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Happy 80th Birthday, Jerry! We love you more than words can tell.
Here is our shirt we’re offering to celebrate the Days Between, which happens to be one of my favorite songs. It’s the song I listened to when my first daughter was born, as she was born during the Days Between. It is a hauntingly beautiful song. A song that was grandiose and had a base for so much more exploration like Dark Star or Terrapin , although we might not have got to see it fully soar as it came out in the last couple years of the Grateful Dead. In this design we paid homage to the first ever Dead shirt by Gut Terk with the spirals on the corners, including imagery from the song, and favorite lyric at the bottom. We hope you love this shirt as much as we do. Huge thanks to @vicexgrips for helping me flesh out this complex vision and @slingshothouse for always making my dreams come true.

Finally I’ll end with Phil Lesh’s description of the song from his autobiography:

“Achingly nostalgic, ‘Days Between’ evokes the past. The music climbs laboriously out of shadows, growing and peaking with each verse, only to fall back each time in hopeless resignation. When Jerry sings the line ‘when all we ever wanted / was to learn and love and grow’ or ‘gave the best we had to give / how much we’ll never know,’ I am immediately transported decades back in time, to a beautiful spring morning with Jerry, Hunter, Barbara Meier, and Alan Trist—all of us goofing on the sheer exhilaration of being alive. I don’t know whether to weep with joy at the beauty of the vision or with sadness at the impassable chasm of time between the golden past and the often painful present.”

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