Keep Your Head Young T-Shirt

Keep Your Head Young T-Shirt

This shirt commemorates our 3-year anniversary by giving homage to Lot tee slingers of years past as well as Owsley Stanley, who's quote this phrase is taken from. Read full quote at bottom.

Screenprinted in Los Angeles on Comfort Colors premium tees.

Sizing Chart in slide 2.

"First time I ever took acid and got really high, as I was walking around I thought "Gee. The world looked like this when I was a little kid." I remember seeing the sparkling reality and three-dimensionality of things. Sort of like a renewal, every time you do it is a renewal, it is a renewal. It keeps your head young. It lets you keep that being able to accept the new thing just as easily as a kid would. Most people get all this stuff in their head like an old library, no room for the new volume to go on the shelves." - Owsley Bear